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My interest in design started when I was 14 years old. My Art and Design lessons taught me how important typography was to any design piece. The different techniques and styles used to make words and letters stand out from the crowd was so inspiring .

From then on, whether it be a logo, flyer or website; I have always gone by the following these 5 tips:

  1. Opposites Attract! – Opposites compliment each other really well. For Example: Big and Small, Thick and Thin, Elaborate and Simple, Uppercase and Lowercase. big-small
  2. Space! – Play around with adjusting the spacing between the letters of words.spacing
  3. Know Your Limits! – Limit the amount of fonts you use in one piece, try to stick with around 2-3 different fonts.limits
  4. Stand Out! – Don’t let your main message be lost in the crowd, make your main words stand out from the body of the artwork.stand-out
  5. Mix and Match! – Don’t be afraid to experiment and Mix and Match fonts, two different styles may work well together.mix-and-match

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  1. Sam Durkin says:

    Great tips, short snappy and to the point. Thanks.

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